Outsmart, don’t outspend the competition.

Challenge:Stand out amid the world’s biggest brands at the crowded, competitive Paris Air Show.

Obstacles:The industry’s largest show is a who’s who and what’s new in aviation. Every company vies for attention.

Approach:Be the first brand seen with can’t-miss entryway signage. Inside, make news while distributing must-see daily news, in show-stopping, conversation-starting, Embraer-branded flights suits.

Results:Buzz at the show and beyond belonged to Embraer, building anticipation in advance of its new jet series launch.

Challenge:Maximize patient volume. Optimize media efficiency.

Obstacles:Intense competition with care providers popping up on almost every corner.

Approach:Test, learn, adjust, repeat. Daily appointment data quickly revealed winners and losers in our initial media mix and guided ongoing refinements and budget reallocation through year-end.

Results:Optimized continuously, the campaign increased appointment bookings considerably over the prior year.